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What is Azure Data Lake Analytics ?

Aug 19, 2020 Azure, 2589 Views
Azure Data Lake Analytics | Introduction

Azure Data Lake Analytics

In this article we will cover the following:

  • What is Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Features / Benefits of Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Resources

What is Azure Data Lake Analytics?

It is a service that simplifies big data. The user writes queries to transform from data and ten extract valuable insights. This service can handle jobs of any scale instantly by configuring settings. The user only pays for a job when it is running, thus serving cost-effective.

Features / Benefits of Azure Data Lake Analytics

Affordable and cost-effective - The service is very much cost-effective solution for running big data workloads. Users only have to pay for a per-job basis, after data is processed. The system automatically scales up or down as the job starts and completes and in this way, the User never pays more than what is needed.

Integrates with Azure Data - Data Lake Analytics works fine with Azure Data Lake Storage for optimal performance, also adding to the integration feature to Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics.

Dynamic Scaling - The service dynamically allocates resources and lets the user do the required analytics on terabytes to petabytes of data. The user only pays for processing power used.

Tool Integration - The Data Lake Service seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio. Users can use familiar tools to run, debug, or even tune the code.

U-SQL support - The service includes support of U-SQL, which is a query language that extends the familiar, simple, declarative nature of SQL with the expressive power of C#. SQL and .NET developers can now very seamlessly process and anays=ze their data with skills they already possess.







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