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What do you understand about Database Testing? | Software Testing

In this article, you will learn the following:What is database testing?How do we perform database testing?How to perform database testing?

What do you understand about Database Testing? 

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • What is database testing?
  • How do we perform database testing?
  • How to perform database testing?

What is database testing?

Database testing is a type of testing which is used to analyze the schema, tables, triggers, etc of the database. It verifies the data integrity and consistency which might also include creating difficult queries to load and stress the database and review its responsiveness. Generally, it is a stepwise process that includes the data access, User Interface[UI], business layer, along with database layer. 

We cover the following activities while performing the database testing such as:

  • Testing Data Integrity
  • Checking Data validating
  • Performance check rate
  • Testing various procedures
  • Triggers and functions in the database

How do we perform database testing?

To perform the database testing, we need to ensure the database’s efficiency, maximum stability, security, and performance. These features can be put aside on a check occasionally to verify that the software application is stable. We should have a knowledge of SQL to perform database testing. 

How to perform the database testing?

We can execute the database testing in both manual and with the help of automated testing tools:

To execute database testing manually, we have to follow the following process:

  • We have to open the SQL server in our local system.
  • Open the query analyzer to write the command and retrieve the data. 
  • After this, we receive the specified data, we will compare the data with the expected result. 
  • We can check and update the data according to the result that comes out after the comparison. 
  • The general test process is the same for any other application. 

Steps to perform the database testing manually:

  1. We have to set up the environment to test the software application. 
  2. After the environment setup, we will run the test cases. 
  3. After executing the data cases, we will check the specified test cases. 
  4. After performing all the above steps, we will validate the output with the expected results. 
  5. If any issues are found, we will report those bugs and issues.
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