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What are the advantages of using kotlin over Java language?

Dec 18, 2021 #KotlinLanguage #Programming, 1181 Views
In this article, we will cover the following:- Introduction of kotlin.- Advantages of using kotlin language over Java language.

What are the advantages of using kotlin over Java Language?

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • Introduction of kotlin.
  • Advantages of using kotlin language over Java language.

Introduction of kotlin

The kotlin language is statically-typed, general-purpose, and cross-platform with type inference. The fundamental purpose of introducing the kotlin language is to make it interoperable completely with Java. The JVM version of kotlin's language depends on the class library of Java. It also compiles the Javascript code of the frontend development of the web applications. The language cost manages by JetBrains. However, the kotlin foundation protects the kotlin trademark. 

Advantages of kotlin language over the Java language.

  • Interoperability: Kotlin is compatible with Java. We can use tools and frameworks of the java project in the kotlin project without any alternation in the code. All the java libraries are very interoperable with the kotlin language. So, it becomes easy as pie for the user to switch from Java to kotlin. Even though the code is written in java language, the developer can effortlessly switch to kotlin. 
  • Concise than Java: Indubitably, it is one of the biggest advantages of kotlin over Java. We can solve the problem in fewer lines of code in kotlin than in Java. The code becomes more reliable with fewer bugs. The other benefits of kotlin over Java are:
    • It is easier to maintain the code. 
    • It is easier to apply the changes in the code.
    • It is easier to read the code. 

          It is more of easy to understand language and quick to learn. Sometimes, Java becomes a bit complicated in the case of app development. 

  • Safer code: As mentioned above, kotlin code is concise than Java. So it is evident that fewer lines of code are pretty simple, clear, and compact. Due to this, they have fewer bugs. It also reduces the number of system failures. It allows writing more robust and stable code in production.
  • Comes with a safer compiler: Kotlin comes with a much smarter and safer compiler. It is one of the goals of kotlin's development to the team while developing the language. It detects the bugs at the compile-time, not during runtime. It follows the principle of the "fail-fast". It performs n number of checks to verify the code and reduces the runtime errors.
  • Null Safe: In Java, sometimes occur null point exception, but with the help of kotlin, we overcome it. Since in android, it is obvious to assign null value to with "null" keyword. It will not give any error. 
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