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How to unsend an email sent by mistake via Gmail?

Sep 06, 2021 Gmail, Google, email, unsend email, , 345 Views
Here we will tell you about a special feature of Gmail, with the help of which you can simply undo the sent email in Gmail.

To send email in today's modern environment, everyone uses email. As it is the simplest way to convey important messages in a short period. However, even though being the simplest option the emails can also cause you trouble if it ends up in the hands of a wrong person.

It happened several times that we made a blunder by sending our confidential mail to the wrong person.

Although it might be easy to send a mail it will be quite difficult to undo or delete it once it is sent. Hence, to help you cope with this issue Gmail brings an option for you all which will help you to undo or delete the emails which you've sent to someone else mistakenly. So, let's discover the simplest method to remove or undo the mistakenly sent emails. 


Steps to undo emails sent by mistake:

Step 1. First of all, visit Gmail on your desktops and laptops and navigate the cursor to the right-hand side where you'll find a setting choice; tap on it. 


Step 2. You will then find the choice to Undo Send, just enable it.


Step 3. After this, you will find a cancellation time option here, adjust the time according to your preferences. In such a way you can schedule your emails to be sent after some time. 

In between if you change your mind and ever want to undo the mails you can simply do that by tapping on the "Undo send" option.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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