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How to select the right Cloud Service Provider?

Jul 17, 2019 Cloud Computing, 1384 Views
Here you will get 5 major criteria , to take decision to choose right Cloud Service

How to select the right Cloud Service Provider?

Well, to start this topic , first you need to ask yourself few questions, like - do you really need a Cloud Service Provider, or what is your main concern for Cloud service provider, or what is your requirement, there are lot of questions which should be solved or answered before picking up an Cloud Service Provider. The technology is changing and service reasons too, the way that a provider upgrades its components, means a lot while choosing it, be at any part of the technology we use to serve us better.


So the choice will lead us to some of our personal criteria, well that I leave that on you but here are some main checkbox you should think to accept a service provider, they are:

  1. Reliability and performance
  2. Data Security 
  3. Migration Support
  4. Service Partnership
  5. Certifications and standards

Reliability and performance

Now you will be asking how to check the Reliability? right. The simple answer is to check the performance of service providers against their SLAs for the last 12 - 15 months. you may get this information if you request to concern.

Well nobody is perfect, but might tend to be perfect upon the situation, ask what they can provide during downtime.

Data Security

Data Security is a concerned topic and should be well aware of the protocols hat the provides, understanding the provider's data loss and breach notification, should help you to align with your organization's main risk and recovery framework.

Migration Support

The Migration support is one of the key factors where you should have a piece of deep knowledge from your service provider, also make sure you are aware of configurations, policies, etc, will ease your migration support decision.

Service Partnership

Provider's partnership relation is very important to understand to make sure you utilize the features of your services. Do the services offered by it in the larger ecosystem of other might compliment you or not.

Certification and standards

To make sure that your provider matches the standards of the industry, you acknowledge the certification and standards of the service provider. Look for certification standards and compare them with others for a better decision.