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How to reset and change the Instagram password?

In this article, I'll tell you a few steps to reset or change the password of your Instagram account, so stay connected with me.

Can we change or reset the Instagram password?

Instagram keeps us connected with the world and lets us know the happenings pertinent worldwide. Alongside, it also keeps us aware of the culture and places belonging to different countries. We all always keep Instagram logged in on our devices however, the problem arises when we mistakenly log out from the platform and forget the password. Fortunately, now you don't need to worry as today I'll give you an easy trick with the help of which you can easily reset or change the password without facing any issue.

Following are the steps to reset the Instagram password. 

Step 1. First of all, go to the login screen and hit the "Get help logging in" or "Forgot password option" to get your password reset.

Step 2. In the case of an Android phone, Type your personal details including email address, phone number, or username, and hit Next. However, if you're using an iPhone, then simply write the appropriate credential details regarding your account and tap Next.

Step 3. After that, a message with the link and instructions on how to reset the password will be sent to your phone which assists you in resetting your Instagram password, just tap on it to complete the process. 

Following are the easy steps to change the password of Instagram. 

Step 1. Firstly, Tap on the account icon located at the right side corner of the Instagram app and tap the three-line option to move to the profile page. 

Step 2. Now a Security option will appear in front of you, hit the option to head to the Security page and click on Password. 

Step 3. After this, you'll be asked to first enter the old password and then the password you wish to create for your Instagram account. In case having an Android phone simply tap the checkmark. However, if you're an iOS user then you'll need to hit the save button.


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