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How to launch multiple apps at once on Windows 10?

here in this article, I am going to show you How to launch multiple apps at once on Windows 10?

How to launch multiple apps at once on Windows 10?

 Have you ever tried opening multiple apps at once on Windows 10? but never got success, then you have landed at the right place to get your answer here in this article we will show you how to launch multiple apps at once on Windows 10? 

The process is pretty simple and easy to apply, if you are little known about the process of making files and folders then it is super easy for you, but if you do not know, not a big issue here we are to guide you. Have a look at the whole points highlighted in the article.

For this, you are required to select the apps you want to open at once. Now, you might be questioning how to open different apps at once or how to select them either? Here you go with the steps for opening the selecting different apps a once:-

  1. Open the start menu in your pc and up next make  right-click in your mouse select OPEN FILE LOCATION BUTTON from it and it will open a different list in your pc 
  2. In this list, the name of your apps would be highlighted with FILE EXPLORER, and there select firefox in it
  3. Up next, again make a right-click action but this time you will find an option for PROPERTIES tap there, and again you will get a pop-out list to choose from, so tap on the TARGET option.
  4. And in front of the target, a value is written to copy that value by pressing ctrl+C. This was a code for one app. Now create the process for all the other apps and save these codes on separated docs or notepad on your pc.

How to batch a file to run all apps at once?

You are almost there, now copy-paste all the odes on the notepad by clicking ctrl+V or choosing the menu list paste option.  And after pasting all just go on the file option present at the top left corner of the screen and click on SAVE AS and it will give you a folder option, you can name the file of your choice 

Now your file is ready to board you can anytime launch your made file from the FILE EXPLORER and can use multiple apps at once in windows 10. 

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