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How to delete a WhatsApp group?

Here in this article, you will learn How to delete a WhatsApp group?

How to delete a WhatsApp group?

Mistakenly joined another group? Or finished the work that the group was created for? Are you baffled by the identical questions? If your answer is Yes, then you've fallen upon the right place to seek out the solution. We've explained all the steps for deleting a WhatsApp group. Have a glance.

Read this before deleting the group

There is no harm in deleting the group but you need to know what happens once you delete the entire group. If you're the admin of the group and wish to delete the whole group then you wish to first remove each member manually then tap on the group and choose the choice of delete. But after deleting or removing the members, removed members won’t be able to send the texts and will not be ready to see new messages.


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Want to know the steps? Here you go!

Here the steps which you are going to learn are based on android phones. iPhone steps may be wary. The most important part of deleting the groups on Whatsapp, you need an app that will not work on a website or laptop. You can leave a group on a pc/laptop but for deleting a group you will need your phone.


  1. To begin with the steps you need to remove all the members manually, for this open the group and tap the three vertical dots at the top and you will find all present group members. Tap on each member and the option for removing pops out, select it, and  it's done
  2. Remove all the members and at the end remove yourself too.
  3. Don't Worry, you will only remove yourself not by tapping on your picture but by exiting the group.
  4. Once all the members are loved, go to the chats section and again press three vertical lines, but this time select the EXIT GROUP option and tap on YES.
  5. You are almost done, go back and select the complete group and you will find many options for this, select the dustbin icon for deleting the group. 
  6. After tapping, the complete group is eliminated from Whatsapp.
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