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How to delete Instagram messages?

deleting messages can be easy but not in all ways have a look at all points for How to delete Instagram messages?

How to delete Instagram messages?

Are you mad at the messages sent by mistake on Instagram? And now don’t know how to delete them individually or from both ends? Here in this article, I am going to show you how you can delete the message from both an individual section. So, without wasting a single second let’s get started.

Follow the steps to delete individual Instagram messages 

Here in this paragraph, you will learn how to remove your messages sent intentionally or mistakenly for deleting the messages launch the Instagram app on your phone and head towards the messages chat icon which is present at the top right corner, so, when you send a message you get select the chat gets seen and on android, you will have to select the chat for 5 seconds and you will get a message of UNSEND tap there it will be automatically removed. But the things are different on chrome, when you are operating the messages from chrome you will get three-dot options to tap there, and there you will get a button for DELETE.

How to delete the entire conversation on mobile and chrome?

Deleting the entire conversation is a much easier task as compared to deleting individual messages but how? Have a look at all the points highlighted. If you want to delete the full conversations it is possible and Instagram too gives the access to do it but, there is only one limitation in this which us it will remove the entire complete conversation only from your end not from the second person end they will still have the entire conversation it will be removed but only from your phone. So, if you want the conversation to not be visible from your end you can use this method.

It is almost the same as deleting individual messages for chrome, you have to go to the chat icon there in the left of the chat you will find a three-dot horizontal option, tap that and it will pop out with a few options selected, and tap DELETE it will remove your entire conversation on your cell. 

And if we talk about the steps for removing conversation from the Instagram app then you have to first launch the app in your cell once opened, click on the profile of the person where other profiles are visible, and hold it for a few seconds until it gives you the option and then selects DELETE from it. Once you have tapped on deleting the entire conversation from your app will be removed, but remember the second person still has access to complete a chat on its cell.

This was all about deleting chats from Instagram

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