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How to clear cookies and site data on android?

here in this article, I have explained How to clear cookies and site data on android?

How to clear cookies and site data on android?

When you surf on the internet and open a website for some information or anything, it always asks you to ACCEPT COOKIES or gives you accepted options only,  it means the websites want to store your information which it keeps in cookies data or browsers. Passwords and email ids are stored in the websites so, that next time when you visit the page you will be no longer anonymous for the website and it will easily show its content to you, but on the second hand when it gets filled so, much that your android creates problems in working, it will no longer work smoothly because of the cache.

Hence, it is very important to remove junk from the device. Follow the highlighted steps to free your device from the cache. 

Steps for clearing junk in your android?

First, launch google chrome on your device and touch the three horizontal dots present at the top right side of the device. It will pop out with a list tap on the HISTORY option from it.

 Secondly, go to CLEAR BROWSING DATA and you will be given a list of history you have surfed choose, any day history, and tap on clear data. But make sure when you are selecting the data for cookies you have to check on the box of data and cookies then tap on clear data.

Again, you will be asked to check on all apps list of Twitter, Google, Whatsapp, and all the other app, before tapping clearing data.

That's it! This was the process of clearing data and cookies from your android. Do we hope this article will help in clearing the android and will get back to its work smoothly? What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section. 

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