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How to block people in discord?

I have explained How to block people in discord?

How to block people in discord?

Nowadays after WhatsApp and slack, discord application is in great demand. But it becomes difficult to ignore someone when you are constantly getting irrelevant messages, it becomes necessary to break your silence and block the person, doing this saves your time and energy. If you are too finding a way to block someone in discord then now can relax because you have landed at the right place to get your answer here in this article I am going to show you how you can block people in discord. Have a look at all the points highlighted in the article to get full information. Here you go with the full guide. Let’s go. 

To begin with, you have an android/Linux/tab or pc for blocking anyone, and the best part about discord is that it never lets the other people know that you have blocked them and they will be automatically removed from your discord list.

Now open the discord app on your device and select the person you want to block, if you don't know the person’s name or if it was anonymous then you can search them from older chats or from location too you can find the person. 

If you got the profile, then tap on the username of the profile so suppose if it is -harshita then tap on the name, not on the profile picture.

Furthermore, make a right-click on it. This was for the PC, but if you are operating the things on android then, you need to tap on the three-dot [ given at the side of the username] to get the pop-out list. One menu list will pop out and you can find the option for BLOCK from it. Tap it and again it will ask you for your confirmation for finally blocking the person or not, if you want to, then go ahead with YES. 

And that’s it, congratulations you have successfully blocked the person on Discord without letting them know. You have successfully learned how to block people but here is

how to unblock them?

It is also very simple, just go on your discord profile where purple profile and tap it you will get various options at the top of the screen, select friend option from it and there you are just one step left, tap on UNBLOCK and you will get the list of people you have blocked and select any person, tap on their profile and click on yes, you want to unblock them. and this is it!

This was all about the information regarding blocking the contacts on Discord. Do we hope this article will help in blocking people? What are your thoughts on the same? Share with us in the comments.

For more industry guides, stay tuned with us till then have happy learning!

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