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How to avoid cyber phishing?

In this article you'll discover some simple ways to protect yourself against cyber phishing so read it carefully.

What is Cyber phishing? 

With the changing times, the methods of banking transactions have also changed, now you can do banking transactions from your mobile or computer while sitting at your home, but as we know that with every good thing, there is also a risk associated with. On one hand, internet banking makes it easy for people to do transactions, on the other hand, the danger of hackers is also associated with this facility. Cybercriminals are adopting various methods to cheat people, one of which is online phishing which has become a global concern. Today, through this article, I will tell you some important tips to avoid cyber phishing, so read the complete article.

Follow these easy steps to avoid cyber phishing.

  1. Avoid confirming personal or financial information via email on the Internet as such mails can be sent to cheat you.
  1. Such mails are often sent by unknown person and they contain a link in which hackers will ask you to click, after clicking on which hackers enter your device's system and hack your data. Users are often lured with offers to click on these email links.
  1. While doing online transactions for secure transactions, enter the correct website address as entering wrong address can cause you trouble.
  1. Protect your computer and mobile devices to keep financial details secure online. For this, you can also install anti-virus software in your device and keep updating it regularly.
  1. Check your online transactions and bank statements regularly to see if there have been any transactions that you are not aware of.
  1. Banking details are very important so never share them with any unknown person. These banking details include your ID-password, debit, credit card number, CVV and OTP etc.
A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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