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Artificial Intelligence - AI - empowering technology

Jul 06, 2019 Artificial Intelligence, AI, 1610 Views
How Artificial Intelligence or AI is helping human to do work easily



Artificial Intelligence or popularly know as AI research was coined at Dartmouth College in 1956. Ever since the term is expanding itself, and thanks to AI , because it's now the backbone of many technologies that we are using.

Artificial Intelliegence is contributing to our society in many ways, making a better place to live in and better ways to participate in technology, we will discuss them below and might be you will be amaze in some of the cases,


  1. We all love to shop online , be at Flipkart  or Amazon or anything at your convenience, ever wondered how after shopping some goods, they suggest you what you may like in recommended section? Well, these things work on recommendation system workflow, uses algorithm of frequent goods bought by you or your locailty which enhances system and makes you suggestion, this acions is powered by various data analytics techniques and machine learning algorithm and some artificial intelligence Services. Cool right?
  2. We all love surfing , have you ever come across any website which you always find that a chat system is ready to answer all your queries? If it's yes then you might be think is the person working behind it works 24x7 , i guess no , because this technology is used by many companies to catch their customer and it's called as ChatBot, again this technology uses some pre defined data and data science techniques to powered by AI algorithms to make it work.


  3. You love to ride a car or let's say you went to some unknown place , and that's not hectic right ? Thanks to Bing Map  and Google Map you can travel anywhere in the world, during driving you always want to use the best route and it shows, well that is being done by real time analytics with geography precision data with machine learning algorithms and AI optimisation on the go , and yes how can I forget Voice Navigation technoque thanks to NLP Natural Language Processing
  4. I guess everyone has used music or video streaming application like YouTube or Gaana etc, and how  these straming application suggest you music and most probably you like that kind of music, thanks to machine learning algorithm and data analytics to ensure that every thing works fine.
    We all love to use technology at our ease be at our surfing or driving or ordeerig food , nevertheless we somewhat use artificial Intelligence at our fingertips and this is just the begining , trust me AI or Artificial Intelligence is big than what we have seen in fiction movies. These were some of the uses and any more are there, by the way after reading this I am quite sure you will take a minute and thing of what you use that uses AI , I leave that on you.